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Online Consultancy

Online Consultancy

Professional Support to Increase Your Online Sales

Online sales for hotel businesses have become an integral part of modern marketing and management strategies. However, effectively managing these sales channels and enhancing guest satisfaction can be a complex process. This is where our professional services come in.

Effective Connection with Channel Management System

The channel management system is a critical tool for connecting and managing hotel businesses with online sales channels. Through our services, we maintain constant communication with online travel agencies and respond to guest inquiries more quickly.

Control Everything from a Single Central Management Panel

We enable businesses to control all their online sales channels from a single central management panel. This helps hotels distribute more efficiently and increase bookings. Additionally, through channel management optimization, we enhance efficiency by developing smarter and more strategic approaches.

Guest Satisfaction Oriented Service Approach

Our services not only increase sales but also prioritize guest satisfaction. Our professional team works to respond quickly and effectively to your guests' requests, maximizing their satisfaction. Thus, hotels both increase their sales and enhance guest loyalty.

Gain Competitive Advantage with Market Research and Sellable Price Analysis

Developing a successful online sales strategy for your business is crucial, and market research and sellable price analysis are important steps. With our services, we help you determine your position in the market by examining your competitors and setting competitive prices.

Market Research:

Our professional team analyzes competition and consumer preferences in detail in the market where your hotel operates. We create a customized marketing plan by examining competitors' pricing strategies, guest satisfaction, and market trends.

Sellable Price Analysis:

Developing a dynamic pricing strategy based on guest demand and market conditions is essential. Through our sellable price analysis service, we evaluate demand analysis, seasonal changes, special events, and pre-reservation sales data to determine the most suitable prices. This way, we increase your hotel's occupancy rate while optimizing revenue.

Competitive Advantage:

Based on the data obtained from market research and sellable price analysis, we maximize your business's competitive advantage. We help you make quick and effective strategy changes by monitoring your competitors' activities. Thus, we strengthen your position in the market and attract more guests.

You can also take advantage of our market research and sellable price analysis services to increase your business's online sales and gain a competitive advantage.