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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy has been prepared to inform you about the method by which the data you share while using the Holiflys website is collected, for what purpose it can be used, and in what ways it is processed, transferred and destroyed.


The following information provided by our users while becoming a member may be collected by Holiflys;

- Name, surname, date of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail address and all other necessary contact information,

- Our users who are citizens of the Republic of Türkiye, T.R. ID number, passport information of foreign users,

- All order information, payment instruments and invoices for the service purchased through Holiflys


These collected data; To obtain statistics in line with the personal information of users (gender, age, geographical location, etc.), to develop product and service activities with the analysis of user statistics, to create periodic campaigns and e-bulletins and to communicate with the user, to develop promotions within the framework of determined user profiles. Processed by Holiflys.


Personal data obtained by Holiflys only; It can only be shared with institutions that have a contract with/providing service to Holiflys, authorized institutions within the scope of legal obligations, and other relevant persons in order to ensure that users can purchase the service they will receive through our site with a secure payment method, and to protect the safety of life and property during the service they have received.