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Use of Cookies

Use of Cookies

We use Cookies in order for our users to benefit from www.holiflys.com efficiently and to improve their experience.

Cookies will be activated after you give your consent to the use of Cookies at the entrance to the site. If you change your mind later and do not approve the use of Cookies, you can always delete and/or block Cookies from your browser settings. However, deleting or blocking Cookies may affect the user's use of the site, this is entirely a result of user preference, Holiflys.com does not accept any responsibility for any possible website usage problems that may occur at this point. Cookies will continue to be used on this site unless you change your Cookie settings in your browser after your approval.

We take due care in storing your personal information (name-surname, e-mail, telephone, etc.) that you share with us directly or indirectly for the use of the services on the website or the information we collect during your use of the website (IP, device, location and browser information, navigation and interaction content, date and connection time, etc.).

Holiflys.com does not share Cookie data stored on its server with third parties.

You can take a look at the KVKK Clarification Text on obtaining, storing and sharing personal data with third parties.


Cookies are small information files stored in internet browsers by visited websites. While some of the cookie types are necessary for the functioning of the website visited, they can also be used to store some necessary information.  They are divided into different types according to criteria such as the duration of their storage on devices and by whom they are placed. The basic distinction within the scope of these criteria is as follows:


Session Cookies: Session cookies are temporary cookies and expire when the browser is closed. The purpose of this cookie is to recognise the movements of website users as long as they use the browser. They are deleted from the device after closing the browser. The main purpose of these cookies is to ensure the proper functioning of the website.

Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies remain on the device for a long time, i.e. even after the user closes the browser. These cookies remain on the device until they are deleted by the user or expire. 


First Party Cookies: First-party cookies are cookies placed by the operator of the website visited.

Third Party Cookies: Third-party cookies are cookies placed and controlled by business partners or service providers on the device by persons other than the website operator.


We use different types of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Permanent Cookies: These are highly necessary technical cookies that ensure the correct functioning of the website and allow proper use for its intended purpose. They are in the session cookie category. If mandatory cookies are blocked, there are consequences such as the inability to use some parts of the website. These cookies enable the use of functions such as improving security, recording searches, logging in and similar functions and are not used for marketing activities. Your consent is not required for the use of mandatory cookies.

Analytical Cookies: They are used to improve your website experience. Analytical cookies allow us to understand how you use the website (e.g. visit duration, which pages you visit, etc.). In this way, we can improve the content we offer or update the website design.

Functional Cookies: Based on an individualised experience based on the preferences of users who revisit the website.  It allows your preferences such as language, region, etc. to be remembered and it is possible to prevent the use of these cookies. 

Advertising/Marketing Cookies: Advertising cookies are cookies used to deliver content and advertisements ("targeted advertising/promotion" or "behavioural advertising") in accordance with the interests of users. By matching the information obtained in this way with other data belonging to the same person, it offers users more appropriate content, personalised campaigns and products. Content or opportunities that the user did not previously request are not shown again. It is possible to prevent the use of these cookies.

In case of processing, storage and use of personal data on the website, the relevant persons are informed about the privacy statement and, if necessary, cookies. The processing of personal data is regulated in accordance with the law.

When you visit our website, we bring the following information to your attention regarding the cookies used on our website.

Purpose of Using Cookies 
Cookie Type 
Google (analytics)
Measurement On-site Optimisation 
Functional and analytical cookies Commercial cookies
Commercial Cookies 
Google ads
Commercial Cookies 
Measurement On-site Optimisation 
Functional and analytical cookies Commercial cookies

Functional and Analytical

Cookies contain information about remembering your preferences, effective use of the website, optimisation of the site to respond to the demands of its visitors and how visitors use the site. For such reasons, these types of cookies may contain your personal data such as username etc. 

*Commercial cookies

It aims to increase the user experience by presenting products/content similar to the targeted product/content in line with the interests and choices of our users and by offering a more personalised and advanced advertising portfolio. The above-mentioned session, persistent, functional and analytical and commercial cookies are kept in the background for approximately ... months/year and the necessary adjustments can be made in the individual internet browser settings. Removal from these settings may vary depending on the internet browser.

*Performance Cookies

Performance cookies are used to improve the website. They collect information such as how and how long the website is used in order to improve the user experience.


*Data processing for advertising purposes

Regulation of E-Commerce In accordance with the Law and the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages In accordance with the Regulation, electronic messages for advertising purposes may only be sent to persons for whom prior consent has been obtained. The consent of the person to whom the advertisement will be sent must be explicitly available. Holiflys complies with the details of the "consent" determined in accordance with the same legislation. In order to send electronic messages, personal data may be sent to service providers and Commercial Electronic Messages. Pursuant to the Regulation on Commercial Electronic Messages, personal data are transferred to service providers and Message Management System Inc.

*Data processing of the company

Personal data may be processed in line with the services provided by the Company and its legitimate purposes. However, the data cannot be used for unlawful services in any way.

*Data obtained through membership transactions

If you become a member of Holiflys, your personal data that you share with us for the membership process is processed in our systems. If you become a member of our system via Facebook, Google or other social media tools; your information such as your name, surname, profile picture and e-mail address, which the relevant social media tool provides to its partners, is accessed and this information is transferred to Holiflys systems. 

*Data processed by automatic systems

Holiflys acts in accordance with the Law regarding data processed through automated systems. The information obtained from this data cannot be used against the person without the explicit consent of the person. However, Holiflys may make decisions about the persons it will process by using the data in its own system.


Unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law, we will retain your personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes set out in our KVKK disclosure text and cookie policy, in accordance with applicable laws. If we intend to use your personal data for analytical purposes or trend analysis for longer periods of time, we will anonymise and use your data. 

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